EXMAR Ship Management has constantly innovated in its services by using technology and process optimization to serve complex floating maritime infrastructure such as offshore regasification vessels and barges. The expertise we gain is applied to other maritime assets in our care, typically with owners looking for a strategic partnership in the long term. This operational experience and knowledge permits us in turn to positively impact the performance of your asset, both at the top and bottom line.

Some examples of innovation

Alex: ESM’s in house developed and designed software integrating HSSEQ, Maintenance, Procurement and Document Management (and in the future also Crewing Management) and results in significant efficiency gains.

Mobile Inventory Management: ESM’s on board inventory management system capitalizes spares on board by making purchase orders and spares trackable.

3D printing: used as a new procurement strategy for asset protection or in locations where import regulations or logistics are complex.


Virtual reality: for training and crew familiarization purposes