EXMAR Ship Management provides class-approved, integrated, customized ship management services to demanding asset owners, from pre-operational support to all aspects of day-to day management.

ESM full ship managment services

Pre-Ops: the input for our operations & management philosophy

Our crew and shore staff have a broad experience with supporting ambitious newbuild and vessel modification programmes. Their support of design and site supervision teams from FEED up to final acceptance is focused on operations and maintenance. They assist the shipyard, are present during major equipment testing and help to prepare commissioning, while developing management systems, manuals and trainings for smooth future deployment of vessels and units.


  • Conversion of OLT’S FSRU Toscana
  • Construction of Avance’s VLGC fleet
  • Construction EXMAR’s midsize LPG fleet
  • Construction EXMAR’S Caribbean FLNG

People: a diverse and multinational team of highly-skilled experts

We continuously develop the unique skill sets of our diverse, multinational crew at sea and the maritime professionals who support them on shore. Our teams are tailored to the client’s and the project’s requirements. We assign our professionals to work as part of your organization at your request, and have also set up joint ventures with our clients.

On board you can count on our own pool of Belgian and Indian officers and engineers and crew recruited via partnerships with well-established manning agents in the Philippines, Ukraine, Croatia, Latvia, Jamaica and the US. Ashore you get access to a highly experienced team of industry specialists with maintenance and Oil & Gas operational knowledge.

EXMAR Ship Management prides itself in employing seafaring staff of 38 different nationalities and a diverse shore team with talent from all over the world. To retain and grow this international pool we are committed to our people and invest in an open culture, personal development and team work. We want every member of our sea and shore staff to feel part of the EXMAR family and share our drive to operate vessels and units with the latest innovations.

diverse & multi-national team

Operations: a dialogue between ship and shore to do better

Our people constantly innovate in the way assets are managed, often operating in extreme conditions. We manage and supply units in challenging offshore and onshore locations such as Brazil, Argentina, Pakistan, Angola, Nigeria and Cameroon.

Our crew is supported by onshore fleet teams within with dedicated technical and marine superintendents, personnel officers and purchasers who serve a number of vessels. Together the monitor the condition and all aspects of performance and operations of your vessel or unit. Technical experts ashore support them in specialized matters, such as energy efficiency and fuel consumption and the introduction of condition-based maintenance. Each Business Unit has a budget controller managing costs and expenditure on a per vessel basis, with any deviations from pre-agreed budgets immediately reported on board for corrective actions.

Our officers on board as well as our technical and marine superintendents ashore provide valuable feedback to owners on vessel performance to reduce variable and fixed costs which can impact favorably on the bottom line. Operational data is also fed back to the naval architects and marine engineers for improvements on newbuilds and to guide retrofitting operational vessels to meet IMO and other standards.

HSEQ: quality - beyond compliance

EXMAR Ship Management is one of the first ISO 50000 certified companies and obtained several more quality certifications. Our HSSEQ management system is in accordance with OCIMF’s Tanker Management and Self-Assessment guide and its compliance with the TMSA guidelines has been successfully audited by various Oil Majors.