We currently welcome candidates for the following positions:

Antwerp HQ: Database Content Analyst

With over 40 LPG and LNG tanker vessels, Exmar Ship Management is a worldclass global provider of specialized services to the oil and gas industry at the intersection of maritime and off-shore. We manage specialized floating assets and deliver tailor-made services combining our maritime and off-shore knowhow efficiently and in an innovative way.


For Exmar Ship Management to stay ahead of the game, we need to constantly monitor the validity and integrity of the data in our databases.


To support our growing needs, we are looking for a dedicated Database Content Analyst.

Your role

Your core responsibility is to maintain the content of all databases at Exmar Ship Management. These databases contain crucial business information, like spare parts, ship maintenance information, crew changes etc.

Also, you will act as a fleet-wide interface to all parties involved in storing and retrieving information from these databases.


Your responsibilities include:


  • Follow-up and approval of database content requests
  • Monitor the validity and integrity of content inserted in the databases by the different parties
  • Act as interface between vessels and office staff on one hand and the supplier(s) who make the requested changes at the other hand
  • Coordinate data input between the different business units
  • Closely monitor correct application of the agreed data conventions
  • Liaise with Business Process Owners to continuous improve the quality of he services delivered

Your qualifications

  • Bachelor degree (Technology, Electronics, Industrial, Sciences, IT …)
  • Interested in working in a maritime and multicultural environment
  • Fluent expression in English (written and verbal)
  • Excellent communication and social skills

Your talents

  • Problem Analysis: you process data (facts, information), make connections, clarify the problem and systematically go in search of associated information to be able to solve the problem
  • Analytical ability: you know how to distinguish between main and side issues
  • Accuracy: you perform tasks with the precision, exactness and care they require
  • Cooperation: you like working or acting together willingly for a common purpose or benefit
  • Judgement: you weigh information and possible types of action against each other in the light of relevant criteria to arrive at a realistic assessment
  • Progress Checking: you check and monitor – possibly by setting up procedures – the progress of processes, tasks and activities
  • Persuasiveness: By using influencing methods and well underpinned arguments, you bring others to a certain point of view and gain their approval
  • Flexibility: you can change your own style of behaviour or approach in order to achieve the goal that has been set

We offer

Exmar Ship Management offers a competitive salary and a comprehensive benefit package. We are an equal opportunity employer.


Our values are Respect, Commitment, Working in Alliances and Innovation. We believe in these qualities, which are essential for building an even stronger Exmar Ship Management. If you can identify with them, you could be the one to strengthen our team.



If interested, please send your CV and cover letter to our Application Portfolio Manager Mr Ivan Renette via applyesm@exmar.be.