Read some testimonials from our Offshore Services Business Unit colleagues that capture the spirit of EXMAR Ship Management.

Clément Michaut
Barge Master

“My memorable initiation at EXMAR Ship Management taught me that decent sailing experience and a good crew with team-spirit go a long way. We had to move an accommodation barge in the Ofon Oilfield, only a few weeks after I had joined. Before I worked on oil tankers, so moving a barge was new. The second day of the move was challenging because of the proximity of the production platform. And no matter how well prepared you are, unforeseen circumstances do arise. However, the crew proved to be very efficient at resolving issues. I could rely on them, which was nice after working together for no more than three weeks.”

Teodor Gramatikov
Maintenance Supervisor

“My motto is: a well maintained and clean unit is a safe unit. I like my job even when it gets challenging, for instance if an unexpected issue arises. Resolving those is also most satisfying, because it makes everybody happy. Once we had a breakdown of a crane which the client used very much. We jointly produced all the necessary tools for the repair and got it done – and quite fast too. Almost the entire crew was involved in the operation, as well as one of the contractors. The good cooperation between our crew members and guests is the main reason why we accomplished this heavy job in a short period of time. We do not merely accommodate our guests but also support our client’s and its subcontractor’s activities. Coordinating our own day-to-day operations with theirs requires intense consultation, flexibility and some creative thinking. Plus we have to adhere to very strict safety measures. But we are proud that the client prefers our barge for this kind of support, as well as to accommodate staff and top level managers.”

Camilo Falla
FLNG Maintenance Officer

“Though the operational principles of many pumps and engines on board the FLNG are similar to what I am familiar with, the sheer size of our barge makes your jaw drop. Add to that a brand new turbine and interesting electronics and you see the challenge of this job. I could not resist it and now I am really happy to be part of this team. We get good training sessions to operate safely and understand the whole plant process. I also like developing the maintenance plan and procedures. The team is doing a nice job there. Actually creating this ourselves, builds trust that we are getting a firm grip on it.”