Wariboko on the move off West African shores

Since 2013 EXMAR Ship Management has been serving several contracts for Total, supporting the oil major’s operations off the coast of Nigeria with accommodation and work barge Wariboko. Initially named Otto5, the unit was managed under bare boat hire until EXMAR obtained co-ownership of the unit in 2015 and renamed it.

ESM’s offshore team operates, crews and maintains the Wariboko to accommodate up to 300 offshore staff and construction workers for different projects. We also have relocated this non-propelled unit with its eight-point spread mooring system over fifteen times in the past years, covering a variety of distances and project requirements, all depending on the client’s needs.

Whether going to a usual open-sea standard accommodation position or or manoeuvring the unit within a few meters from fixed offshore platform structures to connect the barge’s dynamic telescopic gangway to allow people to walk to work, each move is meticulously planned and executed in collaboration with the client and relevant stakeholders.  Where close proximity mooring has the advantage of being close to the platform, it also increases the risk of interaction with these structures. In such cases, EXMAR Offshore is consulted to perform a mooring analysis for the most severe meteocean conditions. Adding the 900m² of clear deck and a 68 ton crane, since 2017 Wariboko is also being used more frequently as a work barge for coiled tubing operations.

accomodation barge wariboko

Preparing Geo Ocean III for an array of offshore operations

In 2018 the Offshore Service Business Unit took the Multipurpose Supply Vessel (MPSV) Geo Ocean III into management. The team supervised an intense dry-dock for maintenance and upgrades while bringing the vessel in line with new flag and class requirements and engaging an entirely new crew. Because of its diverse offshore operations the ship has to adhere to standards of the International Maritime Contractors Association (IMCA) industry. In addition, the Alex team came on board as well to install the latest release. Within weeks she was ready for operations.

multipurpose supply vessel