“Flexibility to deal with project dynamics is part of Offshore Services .“

Wim De Deken, Director of the Offshore Services Business Unit

“Offshore Services provides operational support to floating offshore infrastructure for asset owners and oil majors. The backbone of this service is EXMAR staff with experience in the offshore or marine industry, supported with naval architects. The scope of services ranges from pre-operations engineering to full O&M on accommodation/crane barges to a floating regasification unit.”

“Offshore Services has recently completed a three year program of O&M engineering, active familiarization as well full O&M support during construction and live commissioning for Caribbean FLNG, the world’s first barge-based floating liquefaction unit. Many of the team members involved in this process will be managing the unit upon commercial deployment.”

“A clear definition of standards and certification is agreed upon for each mission. Offshore Services provides the management systems and ensures strict adherence to procedural discipline. Flexibility to deal with project dynamics is part of our service. Improvisation is not.”

Offshore Infrastructure Services

The Offshore Services Business Unit within EXMAR Ship Management is dedicated to providing operational services to floating offshore infrastructure for asset owners and oil majors as well as EPCs.

Accommodation barges, FPSOs, FSRUs


An experienced team of offshore engineers, naval architects, cargo officers and shore-based captains are managing the day-to-day operations of accommodation barges off the Gulf of Guinea and Angola, as well as floating regasification infrastructure off the coast of Italy. The team also has long-term experience in the operation of FPSOs, which commenced with the newbuild FPSO Farwah in 2001.

The world's first barge-based floating liquefaction unit

A dedicated offshore team located in Belgium and China have successfully project-managed the development of the world’s first barge-based Floating Liquefaction unit (FLNG) and supervised its commissioning. Many of the team members who were involved in the actual design of the FLNG will be managing the unit when it becomes operational. All of them were selected from EXMAR Ship Management’s pool of experienced seafaring officers.

The skilled FLNG operating team – primarily recruited from EXMAR Ship Management’s pool of experienced seafaring officers – were also involved in the initial development of the FLNG, providing operational input into the design as well as in the preparations to crew the unit the moment it becomes operational.

A variety of services tailored to your needs


The Offshore Services Business Unit’s mission is providing staff and management systems for marine services, asset integrity, certification, quality assurance renewals, and IRM activities. These services are offered on CRINE-based Lumpsum contracts, on a T/M basis or alternatively through BIMCO-type management agreements. In each agreement, transparency is offered to the client. In some cases, joint ventures or partnerships have been established with clients to satisfy local legislation and regulatory requirements.