Read some testimonials from our LPG Business Unit colleagues that capture the spirit of EXMAR Ship Management.

Dirk De Jong
Chief Engineer

“When preparing our newbuild Waasmunster for sea trials, we tested different machinery and the corresponding alarms for several days. Basically, everything that had been connected had to be shown to us and tested to prove that it was working properly. The day the main engine was started for the first time, it was really nice to finally hear that sound again. Up till then the engine room had been unusually quiet, apart from the noise of the mechanical work. The familiar humming and roaring of the machinery at work was like music to the ears.”

Annemie Uytdewillgen
Fleet Budget Controller

“I have a decent understanding about the reality behind the numbers, because I worked for the operations department of Exmar Marine nv for over 20 years – first as a captain’s assistant, then as an operator. I got involved with different kinds of vessels and loved the international contacts. After my daughters were born, I switched to the administrative side of operations and later I assisted the chartering desk as well. I more or less knew what to expect when I applied for the function of Budget Controller with EXMAR Ship Management. In fact, it finally brought me back to my roots: I studied Applied Economics and specialized in accountancy.”