“Genuine innovation reaches beyond technology”

“If we talk about innovation we are not just talking about technical novelties. They only offer an opportunity for improvement if the people involved have the right training and attitude. We are leaders in LNG regasification and Ship-To-Ship transfers because of our teams on board. You can have the smartest commercial gurus, designers and engineers in the business, but it all needs to be put into practice. Aside from expertise and experience, flexibility is our most valuable quality.”

“We always actively look for improved solutions and learn from our experience. There is no progress without change. This also applies to the way we manage assets. But any change, even for the better, takes people out of their comfort zone. We recognize the need to offer our people the appropriate tools to deal with that. Change needs to be well managed.”

“Attitude and behavior should be aligned with the company culture. Projects such as Taking the Safety LEAD, Condition-Based Maintenance, Continuous Improvement, require like-minded, active leadership at all levels. We support this with initiatives like the Staff Development Programme and our in-house Maritime Crew Resource Management (MCRM) training. They offer valuable tools for developing the action-centered leadership we implement on board.”

“Since 2008, we have focused on requirements with regard to leadership and management, some of which are now part of STCW 2010. The examples above are more about genuine innovation in the way we think about how we work than about technical innovation.”

LNG from A to Z

EXMAR Ship Management has successfully operated LNG carriers for over 30 years. Its LNG Business Unit was the first in the world to operate LNG Regasification Vessels (LNG RV) in 2005 and has since taken half of the world’s LNG regasification fleet into its management, giving it a unique position in the LNG market.  It has been delivering gas through these vessels in a reliable and efficient way for over ten years. This operational background is of great value to clients who want to develop LNG import projects. In addition, it will be the first to operate a barge-based Floating Liquefaction Unit.

Ship-to-Ship transfer pioneer

The LNG Business Unit also pioneered LNG Ship-to-Ship (STS) Transfer operations with the first ever successful commercial STS transfer of a full cargo of LNG from one vessel to another at sea at Scapa Flow off the Orkney Islands in 2007. Subsequent STS protocols from EXMAR Ship Management have formed the basis for commercial LNG STS standards adopted by the industry today. To date, ESM has well over 1000 LNG STS transfers to its name and all have been executed safely and successfully.

> 90%

of all ship-to-ship LNG transfers worldwide are performed by EXMAR Ship Management.

From liquefaction to regasification

With unsurpassed experience in managing LNG fleets for different ship owners, EXMAR Ship Management has now transformed itself into a major international player. Its LNG Business Unit serves various high profile clients in terms of crewing, commissioning, operating and maintaining Floating Regasification and Storage Units (FRSU) and vessels specialised in performing STS transfers of LNG. The commissioning of the Caribbean FLNG unit, the first barge-based Floating Liquefaction unit, was effectively managed by EXMAR Ship Management. Learn how our team puts our LNG expertise at the service of OLT and EXMAR’s FLNG.

LNG value chain